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I am willing to bet that you have experienced a change in your work environment.  A lot of companies have either shut down, adapted to work at home, or stepped up the pace as essential businesses. 

WorkTok is a new mobile app for businesses designed to improve employee communication in today’s world.  Originally designed to help employees and employers communicate in busy, over-stressed business environments, the value of WorkTok has magnified significantly in the post-Covid-19 world.

Recognizing the issue…

Most businesses realize that their most vital assets are happy, satisfied employees. In trying to address that problem, HR guru and WorkTok cofounder Lisa Leath was always trying to find a means to improve and encourage communication.

Lisa Leath, Co-Founder and CEO of WorkTok

She tested and watched demonstrations of virtually every all-encompassing system and consistently came away with the same conclusions: while there are some thorough systems on the market, they are too expensive and too complex for many busy business owners, office managers, or even HR personnel to adequately deal with on a regular basis. Too many small businesses do not have the time, money or manpower to take on the big systems.

…then building the solution.

After seeing the problem time and time again, Lisa decided to create an easy-to-use application that focused on the primary issue of concern: improving communication between employees and employers.  She looked for an easy way to have consistent communication that would appeal to the modern workforce. As people communicate more and more with their phones, particularly with texting, she hoped to tap into a method where employees would feel free to share their thoughts.  Often, employees were reluctant to complain or even share ideas.  Leath’s solution was to create an easy, two-way system to establish a regular rapport.  The thought is that with repetitive use over time, the barriers disappear, and the employer not only gains valuable feedback, but they also have a system where employees are more likely to report concerns that might otherwise be allowed to fester. The system preserves the communication for future use.  

Then the Covid-19 Crisis Hit

Business software for remote employees

In the middle of development, Covid-19 shut down the workforce.  People were either out of work, working at home, or were essential workers experiencing more stress and frustration than ever (and having even less time to communicate).  WorkTok helps employers address all three situations.  Keeping in touch and communicating with laid-off employees, helping maintain their corporate culture in a work-at-home environment, or providing a means for hyper-scheduled essential workers to share concerns. 

At PS Solutions, we have enjoyed the honor of helping to build WorkTok from the beginning.  Even proven entrepreneurs like Lisa Leath encounter a strange new world when first starting into technology development. We love helping them through the process and seeing an idea come to life.  After design, creation, testing, and modifications, WorkTok is now moving through proof of concept and early sales. 

Take some time to learn about a true innovation in the Human Resources World.  Employee Engagement for Today’s World.  Visit WorkTok at www.worktok.com and check learn more on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/company/worktok/ and Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/WorkTok-110165997241182/ .

Wayne Hippo is an owner and Managing Partner of PS Solutions, a software development and consulting firm with offices in Altoona, PA, Pittsburgh, PA, and Wilmington, NC.
You can reach Wayne at whippo@pssolutions.net

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