Onshore America

Onshore America

How does PS Solutions’ Onshore America program work?

PS Solutions has developed an affordable approach to the technology issues faced by American businesses. When companies outsource their software or IT projects to PS Solutions, they are working with software developers in Pennsylvania or North Carolina – not in the expensive tech centers and not somewhere thousands of miles overseas. Working with professionals here in America saves money and time and simplifies communications on complex projects -unlike working within countries such as India or Chile.

How is PS Solutions different from sending work offshore?

PS Solutions employs top-notch talent at an affordable rate. Since much of our work is conducted in small towns our expenses are lower. PS Solutions saves over 40% of the total cost of what it would take to be based in a metropolitan setting. We then apply those overall savings directly to our clients. However, there is also the power to travel to bigger cities when needed. PS Solutions believes this offers its clients the best of both worlds.

How does Onshore America save my company time and money?

PS Solutions’ Onshore America program helps you take your business in a new direction with these advantages:

  • Lower labor cost: professionals are hired by us in more cost-effective small towns, at up to 40% less than most metropolitan IT markets.
  • Experienced managers: many top-notch software executives prefer the small-town lifestyle. With their experience, they have realized that quality of life means more than paying for the high costs of living in big cities.
  • Communication: where the rubber hits the road. Every project that PS Solutions is involved in has regular and effective communication with the client. We’re generally either in your time zone or not too far off. And – we speak your language.
  • PS Solutions makes it a priority to be involved in any face to face meetings you happen to need.

Where is the IT work performed?

Work is performed depending on the need of the client: onsite or offsite solutions. The bottom line is whether you need talent for a short-term or long-term project, your workers can telecommute, work in our offices, or be onsite for face-to-face teamwork.

Who performs the work?

The PS Solutions’ team is made up of a variety of IT professionals:

  • Software engineers
  • Project managers (many with 20+ years of experience)
  • IT professionals with network installation and administration expertise
  • Managers of PS Solutions bring about years of experience that you won’t find with any other IT company.

What is your level of expertise?

One of the great myths of finding outside development help is the false belief that all the qualified talent is in the “Big City.” This is not so. We hire talented professionals who want to avoid the rush of urban life, people who came to study and fell in love with the quality of life or people who were born here and now want to come home. We know from experience that your address doesn’t have anything to do with your ability.

  • We receive 100s of resumes monthly
  • Disciplines are varied: developers, marketing, IT, sales, senior management, etc.
  • We hire the brightest and most talented
  • We provide on-the-job training to keep their skills polished
  • We work with them to assure they achieve their career goals.

We pay rural market rates for rural-based professionals. These professionals are not naïve; they know they can go to urban areas and may make twice as much, but they also know that their cost of living is low.

What types of work can be outsourced to PS Solutions?

Our areas of expertise include:


  • Application development & Integration
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Website & Web Application Development
  • Business Analysis
  • Legacy Application Support
  • Testing


We offer contract-to-hire options that enable employers to preview employees before making hiring decisions. We specialize in identifying, screening, and providing Information Technology Professionals to meet your needs.


Your specific technology goal is achieved while your regular employees continue to function and perform their duties. PS Solutions works with you to transition employees into new systems or operations quickly and efficiently. Once the project and contract are completed, so is your commitment to extra employees.


  • Networking Trends and Technologies
  • Network Analysis and Planning
  • Network Implementation and Upgrade Strategies
  • Network Disaster and Recovery Strategies
  • Network Traffic Evaluation
  • Network Storage (SANs) Strategies
  • Network Backup Procedures
  • Hardware and Software Products Overview
  • Internet Traffic Monitoring
  • Software Licensing
  • Network Security Assessment
  • Regulatory & Compliance Support
  • Documentation
  • Feasibility Studies

Don’t Offshore

Keep your projects here in the U.S. with our Onshore America program. We work with you and your technology team to develop creative ideas that solve business problems using top talent from rural areas in America.

How it works

Onshore America can reduce your costs up to 40%. Read how.

Saves money

At PS Solutions we have an approach that addresses your need for affordable technology solutions while also using the best quality developers. We employ top-notch talent in rural areas of America – not in expensive tech centers and not somewhere thousands of miles overseas. Since much of our work is conducted in small towns our expenses are lower – 20-40% lower than what our services would cost in a metropolitan setting.

Saves time

We then apply these savings directly to our clients. Not only does working with professionals here in rural America save money, but it also saves time. Working with developers in the U.S. simplifies our communications on complex technical problems allowing our projects to run more smoothly. We believe that offering our clients the option of working onshore in America, we give you the best of both worlds.

Experts in their field.

We may pay market rates for rural-based professionals, but you can rest assured that your developers are top-notch. PS Solutions guarantees the quality of our work. Here’s what we can accomplish:

This includes application development & integration, mobile application development, website & web application development, business analysis, legacy application support, and testing.

Let us transition new contract employees into your operations quickly and efficiently while your regular employees continue to function as normal. Once the project and contract are completed, so is your commitment to extra employees.

Network development and administration, hardware and software Products, internet traffic monitoring, software licensing, network security assessment, regulatory & compliance support, documentation, feasibility studies.

PS Solutions: Onshore America

We believe that the software and technology that runs our lives, secures our nation, and supplies modern medicine has to be developed, improved, and perfected here in the USA. We simply can’t afford to send our present and future technology needs offshore.

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Our clients love Onshore America

PS Solutions created Onshore America to provide efficient, effective & affordable software development on U.S. soil.

I needed to find a firm to help me create an app for an affordable price. PS Solutions even put my feedback into improvements. I'm excited to launch my app!
Lisa Leath
Wilmington, NC
Great software development company. They have managed our homegrown software in an organized and timely manner. Very accessible and good communication.
Sarah Carlson
Wilmington, NC
High quality custom software development. Cost-effective. United States based developers. PS Solutions is great to work with... Responsive and proactive.
Ann Revell-Pechar
Wilmington, NC
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