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At PS Solutions, we thrive on building relationships and establishing our reputation. We envision a secure future through U.S.-based technology development and support. Our commitment is to create a stronger, more innovative tomorrow. By prioritizing local expertise, we ensure a robust foundation for technological advancements. Join us in shaping a future driven by trust, innovation, and security.


At PS Solutions, leadership goes beyond corporate responsibility. We measure it by the positive impact on our community. Empowering our employees is our priority, ensuring they contribute to company goals, direction, and growth. Beyond competitive compensation, we prioritize our employees as the driving force behind our success, actively shaping our path forward.

Meet the leadership
Meet Our Team

Experts in their field.

Joe Merilli


Managing Partner

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Joe is a founding principal of PS Solutions. In May of 2021, Joe celebrated 40 years in the IT / Software Development industry focusing on meeting the technology needs of his various clients throughout the years. Joe is currently proud to lead a dedicated team of Software Developers and IT Professionals providing outstanding services to PS Solutions’ Clients. 

Wayne Hippo


Managing Partner

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Wayne is an Owner and a Managing Partner at PS Solutions with primary responsibilities in the areas of Strategic Planning, Marketing, Messaging and Maintaining the Company Vision. 

Sherri Stayer 


Operations Manager / Business Development Specialist 

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 Sherri is the Operations Manager / Business Development Specialist for PS Solutions. In her role, she is responsible for oversight of operations management of the Altoona Corporation Headquarters and Development Center; the Pittsburgh Development Center; the Wilmington Development Center; as well as the Dallas, Texas Sales Office. Sherri also works to further develop Business leads and client relationships in the Central Pennsylvania market. She is a graduate of Penn State University with a Paralegal Certificate and has held positions during her career in the legal and medical fields, as well as postsecondary education, and the transportation industry. 

Matt Middleton

Senior Software Developer

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Matthew is a Senior Software Engineer at PS Solutions. He brings 14 years of Software Development experience that spans the entire software development process. He is currently working as a Software Architect on one of PS Solutions largest clients, helping to guide the development team to be as efficient as possible. 

Bruce Moser 

Senior Software Developer

Ry Gallagher

Senior Software Developer

Savannah Gillie

Marketing and Community Engagement Specialist 

Lisa Griffin

Senior Technical Recruiter 

Bill Kossack

Business Development Director

Nancy Bessette

Business Analyst / Quality Analyst (BAQA)

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Nancy is the Business Analyst/Quality Analyst (BAQA) at PS Solutions who has been teaching programming languages to high school students and managing a software development team over the last 20 years. Nancy believes one of the joys of being in the technology field is that it allowed her to attend many Google IO Developer conferences throughout the last 10 years to represent women in technology.

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The PS Solutions team is made up of a variety of IT professionals. We are software engineers, project managers, and network installation experts, many with over 20 years of experience. Specializing in Microsoft .NET, PHP/LAMP, and JAVA stacks, we bring a wealth of expertise to each project. Our dedicated team managers infuse years of experience to guarantee quality and innovative solutions for every endeavor.

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PS Solutions Foundation

We teach our trade to the next generation. Our 501c3 Foundation was created in 2012 to encourage young girls to develop an interest in software engineering and consider careers in computer science. We love that our foundation offers tools and resources to teach kids of all ages to learn how to code. Our goals include:

  1. Get children exposed to computer science early.
  2. Help girls in particular see that they are welcomed in this field of work.
  3. Demonstrate how computer science leads to a rewarding career.
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