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Our software developers working together.

Last week, PS Solutions’ Co-Owner/Managing Partner, Joe Merilli participated in South Hills Business and Technology School’s “Meet the Employer” session.  The event was organized by Dennis Lingenfelter, the Director of Student Outreach and Recruitment at South Hills. 

Merilli spoke about PS Solutions’ company history and typical hiring opportunities with the company.  Joe’s presentation highlighted the company’s increasing needs for Software Developers in all locations and the skillsets we look for.  The event also gave Joe the chance to comment about the outstanding partnership developed with South Hills.  PS Solutions regularly employs South Hills Interns and helps develop them into full-time employees within our company.  PS Solutions is regularly in communication with Guido Santella at the Altoona facility to exchange information on how the company can help the students.  Merilli said: “We value our relationship with the staff of South Hills and plan to continue to hire Interns and graduates of the Software Development program.  We are always looking at their top graduates as folks we want to bring on board with PS Solutions.” 

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