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Both calming and stirring, the sight of Christmas Lights brings out the kid in most all of us. Way back in the ‘60s and ‘70s we used to hop in the car while dad drove us from neighborhood to neighborhood to see the lights. When my kids were young, certain blocks would be uber-lit, with music (sometimes live) and popcorn or cookies for the kids who visit.

The competitive nature in some folks can turn blocks into tiny versions of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. But the geek inside some of us has learned that a little computer savvy can deliver a very fun and entertaining holiday experience.

Earlier this month, Techspot published an article that can help anyone (with the notion) develop a holiday light show at their own homes. We’re not talking just LED projections. We’re talking creativity with the help of RGB (no not Ruth Bader Ginsberg – that’s RBG!) lights, some control circuitry and unique sequencing. Yes, you can even have audio play along with the dancing lights through FM frequency.

Light shows are awesome. Seriously. Look at Vegas, baby! How about Niagara Falls? People stare for hours… intrigued and awed by the work you did purely for entertainment purposes.

So, if you find that your neighbors are winning the neighborhood contest, start planning for next year. No more boring white icicle lights or flashing on/off blue/green colored strands. Think about how impressed your kids will be…

Yeah. The kids. (But really – think about how impressed your co-workers will be!)

It will make for a new tradition… one you started.

Here’s wishing our entire PS Solutions network a joy-filled and awe-inspired holiday season.

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