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This case study highlights the challenges faced by a client in a Salesforce Implementation project and the solutions we provided them. The client approached us with an urgent problem of project delays and inaccurate planning by previous consultants. We promptly assessed the client’s needs, conducted resource screening, and successfully provided four qualified consultant candidates in a remarkably short timeframe. 


Our client faced significant challenges due to delays and inaccuracies in the planning phase. The previous consultants had failed to anticipate the complexities of the project, resulting in missed deadlines and project inefficiencies. As a result, the client experienced frustration, financial losses, and a loss of confidence in their ability to implement Salesforce within the desired timeline.


Upon receiving the client’s request for assistance, we promptly initiated a series of steps to address the challenges at hand. 

  1. Needs Assessment: We conducted an in-depth needs assessment meeting with the client, gaining a comprehensive understanding of their requirements, project scope, and current challenges. This initial consultation allowed us to identify the underlying issues and define the desired outcomes, forming the foundation for an effective solution.
  2. Resource Screening: Recognizing the urgency of the problem, we mobilized our expert team to screen and evaluate potential Salesforce Architect candidates. Leveraging their vast network and extensive industry experience, our team identified and shortlisted highly qualified professionals who possessed the necessary skills and experience to address the client’s specific needs.
  3. Candidate Provision: Within an impressive timeframe of 48 hours, we presented the client with a carefully selected pool of four consultant candidates. Each candidate possessed a deep understanding of Salesforce architecture, had relevant experience in troubleshooting similar projects, and demonstrated strong problem-solving abilities. This rapid turnaround ensured that the client could swiftly evaluate the candidates and proceed with the next steps in their Salesforce implementation.


We successfully met the urgent needs of a client who was facing challenges during their Salesforce implementation project. By promptly assessing the client’s requirements, conducting resource screening, and providing four highly qualified consultant candidates within 48 hours, we were able to demonstrate our expertise in troubleshooting complex Salesforce projects. The client was able to regain confidence in their implementation timeline and move forward with a skilled team that could address the project’s challenges effectively. Through the collaborative efforts of our team and the client, the project is now on a path toward successful completion, ensuring the client’s Salesforce implementation goals are achieved. 

If you are facing challenges in your Salesforce implementation project, our team is here to help. Contact us today to discuss your needs and find out how we can assist you in achieving your implementation goals.


Wayne Hippo is an owner and Managing Partner of PS Solutions, a custom software development and consulting firm with offices in Altoona, PA, Pittsburgh, PA, and Wilmington, NC.
You can reach Wayne at whippo@pssolutions.net 

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