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PS Solutions recently partnered with a large state agency to fulfill an urgent requirement for Salesforce resources, including a Senior Salesforce Developer and a Salesforce Integration Developer. The state agency was kicking off a high-profile, long-term project involving the design, development, and implementation of a customized Salesforce solution. 


PS Solutions faced several challenges in finding the right talent for their client. The urgency of the requirement meant that a quick turnaround time was essential. The need for highly skilled and experienced professionals with expertise in various aspects of Salesforce was required as well. 


PS Solutions swiftly responded to their clients’ urgent staffing needs.  

  1. Requirement Review: PS Solutions conducted an in-depth review of the state agency’s project requirements, including the specific technical skills and Salesforce experience needed on the project. 
  2. Extensive Screening Process: Over 50 resources were screened by PS Solutions to identify candidates who possessed the requisite qualifications, technical expertise, and industry experience. This meticulous screening process ensured that only highly qualified individuals were considered for the roles.
  3. Rapid Candidate Delivery: PS Solutions leveraged its extensive network of Salesforce professionals and within a remarkably short period of time, 36 hours, three highly qualified resources were presented to the client.  
  4. Selection Assistance: PS Solutions provided comprehensive support during the candidate selection process. This included facilitating interviews, coordinating feedback, and assisting in the final decision-making process.
  5. Onboarding Support: Once the candidates were selected, PS Solutions ensured a smooth onboarding experience by facilitating necessary paperwork, clarifying project expectations, and providing ongoing support throughout the engagement. 


PS Solutions successfully addressed the challenges faced by its clientThe partnership resulted in the prompt identification and delivery of highly qualified Salesforce resources, enabling the agency to begin its critical project without delay. PS Solutions’ knowledge of the Salesforce ecosystem, meticulous candidate screening, efficient selection assistance, and comprehensive onboarding support resulted in the seamless integration of new resources into the client’s project team. This case study exemplifies PS Solutions’ commitment to delivering tailored staffing solutions and assisting organizations in achieving their strategic objectives.


Wayne Hippo is an owner and Managing Partner of PS Solutions, a custom software development and consulting firm with offices in Altoona, PA, Pittsburgh, PA, and Wilmington, NC.
You can reach Wayne at whippo@pssolutions.net 


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