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The purpose of this form is to gather technical specifications about your PC and what version of windows you are currently running. As we plan to roll out Windows 11 before the October 14th, 2025 deadline.

NOTE: This form does not allow the upload of a .NFO file, following the directions on the right will give you a .txt file, which you will upload below.

Max. file size: 20 MB.

Please watch the video on how to get your msinfo file below and then please name the file as shown (Ex: Matthewinfo.txt) and submit or send it in an email to Sam Tinker (stinker@pssolutions.net).

Alternatively you can follow the 3 step guide below. 

1. Open the program “System Information”
2. Click File > Export > and call the file {yourname}info.txt Ex: (MatthewInfo.txt)
3. Submit or Email Sam Tinker (stinker@pssolutions.net) the file you just saved

The Video below contains no audio.

The images below are clickable.